If ever there was a flagship product that truly represents our innovative values, it is Weholite HDPE manholes.

It has long been a dream of the construction industry to be able to replicate the lean, efficient and precision-built principles of factory manufacturing into the sector and the benefits they would bring.

Whilst it is difficult to challenge the benefits of this philosophy, there is also an industry mindset to overcome. The decision to take the factory-built route involves a value judgment on behalf of the buyer. He or she must take into account the whole project cost and the benefits that these products can bring; such as superior quality, programme reductions, consistency, sustainability etc.

Weholite HDPE manholes and chambers are revolutionary for this region. They represent the epitome of sound value engineering. They are truly bespoke products, delivered in quick time, that can be installed and connected in minutes. At last authorities, municipalities, specifiers and installers can provide factory-built quality to the user, that has been designed and tested and is manufactured offsite using the latest state of the art technology available anywhere in the World

  • Major savings on programme
  • Available in sizes from DN350 to DN3000
  • Fully compliant with ISO 21138 (part 1&2) and EN 13476 (part 1&2)
  • Value engineered for each and every project
  • Gravity and low-pressure applications
  • Lightweight for superfast installation
  • Totally resistant to Hydrogen Sulphide – H2S
  • 100+years design life
  • Designed to resist groundwater pressures
  • Available in any orientation
  • Fully tested, factory-built components
  • Complete with lifting points
  • Concrete surround not required
  • Rocker pipes not required
  • Ready to use immediately upon delivery
  • Lighter plant and less labour required
  • Best abrasion resistance
  • Better flow properties
  • Low maintenance

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