Reliable piping is fundamental to the functioning and economy of any community. Whether it is freshwater distribution, highways drainage or for storm and wastewater management, these networks must be durable with a maintenance-free life expectancy running into decades. A properly installed Weholite piping system can easily pass 100 years without any detrimental effect on its integrity.

We provide Weholite drainage pipelines and structures for virtually any requirement in civil construction. One of its main properties is the ability to work in synergy with the surrounding soil. In fact, Weholite pipes and the enveloping soil mass, working in tandem as a composite unit, is one of the most remarkably synergistic systems in engineering. When the soil is properly compacted around the pipe, the load-carrying capacity of the pipe-soil system far exceeds the individual capacity of either component by itself. This gives Weholite distinct advantages when used under road.

Highway construction is not only a means of constructing a surface to carry vehicles, but in many cases, provides a route for all forms of water distribution services, The piping that is buried under the surface of the roads has to have unique properties to withstand the continual dynamic pressures of heavy traffic passing on the road above. Weholite pipes are designed specifically with this in mind.

Weholite is used in a variety of pipeline applications from simple road or rail culverts, to the more demanding sanitary networks. When used in conjunction with the endless array of bespoke chambers, manholes and fittings the Weholite system offers users opportunities to excel.

  • Available in sizes from DN350mm to DN3000
  • Fully complaint with ISO 21138 (Part 1 & 2) and EN 13476(Part 1 &2)
  • Value Engineered for each and every project
  • Gravity and low-pressure application
  • Available in lengths from 300mm to 30m in one pience
  • Lightweight for superfast installation
  • Variety of jointing systems to meet specific project requirements
  • Totally resistant to hydrogen sulphide - H2S
  • Excellent abrasion resistant
  • Ultralow roughness coefficient. Ks Value - 0.03
  • Resulting in very low maintenance
  • 100+ years design life

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